Monday, March 25, 2013


Short but sweet!

I was driving today into Chatham from the Pain Court area and noticed a flock of geese flying over head.  Normally, I really could care less about Canadian Geese. After going to University of Waterloo and being attacked by them on a daily basis on my way to classes, they've become somewhat of a nemesis of mine.  But as I looked I suddenly thought.."Man, I think one of these is albino!"

But wasn't.  It was actually a Snow Goose! I thought at first it may have been the Ross's Goose that I've noticed people posting about in Ridgetown, but it was practically the size of the other geese, ruling that one out.  So cool to notice!

My co-worker today also gave me a little ID quiz of pictures when he went to the states.  He showed me a picture of one bird which was practically a shadow.  Looking at it I described to him what I saw, but had no idea what it actually was as it's not a Canadian species. It ended up being a Black Vulture and he said how impressed he was that I was able to point out all the main identifying features! That to me, is a HUGE compliment!  So, pretty much made my day knowing that everyday I've been getting better and better at my ID skills!