Monday, March 4, 2013

Skidding down a gravel road...

Quiet literally skidded actually!  I was heading home from work today to glace at the channel to see a "wooden stick frozen in the ice".  Something in me just said...hold on a second back up. SO, like most birders (or even herpers i've been with do), I came to a screeching halt and backed up as fast as I could without going into the channel myself!  Whipped out the binos to see this cute little owl just sitting on the ice!!!

Now for anyone who's been around me lately, or even a facebook friend knows..I love owls.  And the second thing I love most, are pictures. Which of course didn't happen because both my camera and phone were sitting dead in my bag.  So, I tried my best to paint a mental picture of the little dude before he flew off.  He ended up being pestered by crows above me and soon disappeared from my view.

Once I got home I began texting my old friend Denby about it, since we had actually been talking about owls this whole afternoon.  I swear I must have been emitting some sort of owl signal or something!  I listed everything off I could remember:

-Very white underside I noticed while it flew
-Kinda floppy/messy flight pattern
- BIG and bright yellow eyes
-Chest mottled with a brown colour.
-Wings and back also brown.

In the end, we determined that it was a short-eared owl!  Now how exciting is that!  Another lifer for me.  I am hoping that it will still be there perhaps tomorrow and I can actually get a picture!