Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drive-by Birding

I had a wonderful visit from my boyfriend this past weekend!  We always try and do something outdoorsy when we see eachother.  Tends to usually fall within the range of either geocaching or birding, but I love it.  Nerds tend to find eachother.

On Saturday we drove out to Tundra Road near the Lake, but unlike the name (and area) suggests, there wasn't a single swan that day! So we carried on to Michell's Bay.  Thankfully on the way there we saw a huge flock of Tundra Swans fly over us.  I was SO happy because Michael had never seen them before.  While at the Bay we saw pretty massive flocks of ducks, everywhere!   They were all Redheads, but hey, we'd never seen them before and especially not before in those numbers.  Everywhere we looked there were ducks landing or taking off, it was really quite the sight!

Bunch of butts! (Mute swans and some Redheads)

 Nexy day, we went with my parents to Port Huron to do some shopping (Ganger Mountain for the two of us!), and we did a little bit of drive-by birding on the way there.  Most of the birds we could barely make out from the bumps in the road, but we finally stopped out by the Sombra Ferry to see a beautiful array!  Every time I've heard hunters talk about making sur decoy's are of the same species, well this just proves that theory wrong!  I managed to get a pretty good shot of all the different species.  We had Redheads, Canvasbacks, Buffleheads and Ringnecked Ducks!  It was SO awesome to be able to see the Redheads and Canvasbacks together and see the differences between them, as they look so much alike.  I got my parents out to look at them too, which was awesome.  My mom, like me, loved the little buffleheads!  Can't wait to see more as the spring arrives!
Buffleheads, RedHeads, Ringnecked and Canvasback Ducks