Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Reflection and New Year Hope

Well, it seems as if 2017 has come and gone just like that.  Unlike the last few years, I seem to have fallen way behind on blogging, birding, up-keeping my yearly bird list...and instead I have been adjusting to life outside of school.  This year I took a position with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and it's been absolutely wonderful! 

Sunsets at Killbear
 I have begun the process of learning to say "no" and also creating a work-life balance. I have been working hard at exploring this amazing place that I have gotten to call home.  In fact,  this is the first time in YEARS, I've turned my computer off past 5pm most nights!

It's been a year of learning how to re-charge, live in the moment, and enjoy the people & experiences around me. Normally I do an end of the year bird list, however since I didn't keep one up, it wasn't exactly possible to do!  A fellow Twitter friend posted on her blog a wonderful list of year-end highlights and next year goals....and well, I loved it.  So this year, I have a different kind of list....a personal one that is full of highs, lows, and hope for 2018. 

2017 Highlights

-       Successfully defended my M.Sc degree!!
-       Moved to Parry Sound
-       Got a new job at the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and LOVE it.
     Got a new set of eyes! (Laser eye surgery) 
-       Gained a new community in Parry Sound Area through work and the gym
-       Got Engaged!

-       Co-founded an international natural history oriented book club on Twitter (Check it out at:
-       Had 3 book reviews published to the Canadian Field Naturalist 
-     Wrote and published guest blogs for Dispatches In The Field and Nature Canada’s Cats and Birds blog.

-       Spend the fall learning to care for myself, began going to the gym, setting a bedtime, and having hobbies.
-       Began interning for a taxidermist
-       Made my own reusable Christmas wrap

Taxidermy project - Mallard Duck Drake 
Low points:

-       Had my insomnia relapse
-       Major battles with imposter syndrome and burn out
-       Left friends in Peterborough and the community I had there.
-       Pushed blog to the side, no update since July...whoops!
-       Learning I had dietary restrictions and figuring out how to deal with them
-       Not getting to go home for Christmas
-    Didn't get out camping at all!


Goals for 2018

-       Write one blog per month
-       Submit two publications from my Masters Research by March
-       Volunteer for something non-environment related
-       Create a full CV for myself
-       Update personal website and keep it updated
-       Write a grant for a work-related project.
-       Complete one taxidermy mount every 2 months. 
-       Complete 4 sewing projects

Home made gift bags I made this Christmas, my first ever sewing project!

-       Send homemade cards to friends and family for birthdays.
-     Practice calling people out on being rude/mean when I normally would shy away
-       Give one presentation
-       Host something on Twitter
-       Read 10 books
-       Go Cross-Country skiing and snowshoeing at least 5x each
-       Go on two camping trips
-       Say “No” to five things I would normally say "yes" to.
-       Work from home once every 2 weeks
-       Visit my mom and dad in Chatham 4 times
-       Shoot my first buck
-       Continue going to the gym minimum 2x week
-       Have basic wedding plans (Venue, date, etc)
-       Submit photos into 3 photo contests

Parry Sound harbour in December