Thursday, December 31, 2015

Warsaw Caves - November 2015

I believe that after this post, I will officially be post "free" until 2016!  It's taken a little while to really get everything updated, but I'm glad that I finally did. While I previously debated about just not posting these and starting fresh in the New Year, I've found writing on this little blog is actually really useful to keep track of what I've done year to year and to compile my favourite photos together.

So!  Back in November, a group of friends and I got together for a bit of a "friends-giving". As part of this we decided to all go on a little hike to Warsaw Caves! A place that I haven't explored yet since living here in the Peterborough area, and after going I can't figure out why I haven't before!

It was SUCH a cool landscape, something that I would have never imagined was in the area. It was a strange mix of shield and Algonquin, with its own personality. There were a few different trails, however the one with a series of 8 caves was by far the coolest.

A second trail wandered through a mossy, wooded area and looped around a beautiful lookout above a river.

Heading back on that trail, we noticed one meandering another direction that lead you to a series of kettles! We were only able to spot two of them, however I'm not sure if there are any more than just those. I hadn't seen a kettle of this size at least before, so it was a really cool sight to see and play in!

I can't wait to head back to this area in the spring and explore it a little more.  It was a strange day in the way that we heard nothing but Chickadees and saw no other wildlife what so ever!  So hopefully the next time I go back I can bird a little bit more!  

Grade three and on for the three of us!