Sunday, December 27, 2015

A lost little flycatcher

What an exciting sighting today was!  For a little over a week I have been seeing a bird alert for a Vermilion Flycatcher in Wallaceburg, Ontario; just a short jaunt away from my house in Chatham.  

Since arriving back in Chatham for Christmas on Christmas Day, I've been itching a little bit to head over there and especially with seeing all the bird alerts coming into my inbox!  The Vermilion Flycatcher is a small flycatcher that is native to the Southwestern US around southern California and Texas. During this time of year, they should be located on their wintering grounds, located in the central area of South America.  This little guy, however, seemed to have gotten lost on his way south!  

Today Mike, my dad (who I've been attempting to convert into somewhat of a birder), and I took an early afternoon drive down to the stakeout.  We were delighted at the fact that it was fluttering about right when we got there and provided us some amazing views!  This little guy was a young male, making a little more sense as to why he could be all this way north; younger birds are more likely to get lost.

As soon as I was able to snap a few photos he fluttered around and then out of site.  A number of people had just arrived as he flew away, so I hope that they were able to see him a short while later.

With the cold weather finally seeming to be setting in I am glad that I was able to see this bird before it got too much colder.  Being a flycatcher, thus eating flies, I have a feeling he may not be around too much longer whether it be he figures out to fly south or...runs out of food supply and gets too cold.  

Never the less, it was an amazing sight for everyone who has seen it thus far and really neat to have a lifer so close to home!