Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there!

I am so lucky to be able to share so many interests with my Dad, from musical tastes, sense of humour, and love of nature.

From a baby, my family would bring me to my cottage.  Looking through old photographs, I see photos of my Dad teaching me how to swim, teaching me to fish off the dock, bringing me on hikes along the trail, feeding birds and chipmunks. Even when back home we would go on bikes to see the horses down the street or buy me mass amounts of peanuts so I could feed the Blue Jays in my backyard.  It really is no wonder that I caught a bit of a nature bug.

Going into the environmental field and especially becoming a birder, I think came as a bit of a surprise...especially as in high school I always talked about music or at least a field with less "science" in it.  All of my jobs were a bit more unconventional, especially as a young female.  I am so lucky to have a father who pushed me to believe that I can do anything I want to do, even in a male-dominated field.  I've pushed, gone out of my comfort zone, wondered MANY times what I got myself into, but all along the way he's never failed to be curious, show interest, and tell me how proud he is.  Just hearing that makes me know that while I think I'm crazy, he just may think I'm crazy awesome. 

During my field season last year, my Dad came out with my to my field site and got to see me in action.  It was so much fun being able to share what I love to do (and let him see some places few people get to!).  During my visits home, we have been making a small tradition of going out on short birding trips. Its gotten to the point now too where both him and my mom will send me texts about birds in the backyard or during their drives places! I am incredibly lucky to have two parents who take interest in what I do and push me to be a better person and a better person in my field.

So on Father's Day...Thank you Dad.  Thank you for always being there for me. For always taking interest in what I do.  For raising me to believe that I am interesting, smart, and that I can do anything.  In just two weeks I will be heading off to Coat Island and work in the Arctic for six weeks...something that I never thought I would get the chance or have the guts to do.  I can't wait to share stories and photos with you and Mom!

Dad rocking the early 90s moustache