Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall has fallen on G Ross

Apple Orchard
Fall has certainly landed in North York! The beautiful fall colours are everywhere to be seen. I took a walk a week or so ago through G Ross Lords park again on my lunchtime and was delighted that there were quite a few critters about!

When first coming from the office I walk through this little apple orchard.  I don't believe the Orchard is crab apples, but instead apples that haven't been treated for quite some time with pesticides and if you find a good one...they are quite yummy!!

I noticed quite a few little guys fluttering around the area. Squirrels were running around eating anything they could find.  I first noticed a little Downy Woodpecker (female since it has no red mark on its head) pecking away at a variety of trees.  I followed this little gal around for quite a while trying to get a good photo, must have looked quite hilarious to the few people eating their lunches.

Downy Tree Climbing
Female Downy Woodpecker

While following the Downy I saw another little flutter in the apple trees.  As usual for many fall songbirds, it was a little yellow blob. I (stupidly) had no binoculars with me so the only way that I was able to get a good look was through my camera and was hoping to at least snap a good enough photo that I would be able to ID it later.  Luckily for me...I FINALLY snapped a good enough one!  From what I was able to see from it, I was able to ID it as a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.   If anyone has better suggestions though, please send them to me!

My little yellow blob

I didn't get to walk too much further into the park, but was able to see some really beautiful colours.  Instead of walking along the road seen in the photo below, I walked towards the forest to see what was hiding in some of the shrubs and pine trees.
Fall Colours
There were not too much in terms of species variety, but Black-capped Chickadees were having a blast with pine cone seeds, bugs, and anything else that they can find!  I also was able to spot a little Red-breasted Nuthatch trying to find a snack along the trees.  There was one other species of Warbler I was able to see amongst some of the shrubbery but unfortunately in the was a silhouette jumping around not once staying still.  If only they would!
Red-breasted Nuthatch

On my way out I was able to spot this last little guy taking a little nap.  He moved around quite a few times and decided that this would be the most comfortable position!

Raccoon taking a nap!

I hope that everyone is able to get out and enjoy some of the fall while we still have it!  With this week getting cooler temperatures I have a feeling that leaves will soon be disappearing even faster.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up on a few more posts this week from banding...we've been seeing some amazing things!

Happy Outdooring!

Fall time!

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