Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cliff Swallows

So I finally moved and am (slightly) organized and settled into a new place.  Which means, I can actually catch up on about 2 weeks of writing!  *yay*

This one will be short and sweet!  I went to Woodbine beach a while back to take in a little bit of sun!  I  remember before having seen Cliff Swallows nesting there, so naturally I also wanted to check up on them.  This time I brought my camera in hopes of snapping a few photos, a few of which I wanted to share with you below!

Many people started to stop where I was standing to see what I was looking at.  It was sweet chatting with a few of them who were curious about what kind of bird it was. One mother even ran to get her kids to look at the birds!  They then started to ask me questions about them, what they eat, how they make their nests, and luckily...I was actually able to answer them!

Happy Birding!
Cliff Swallow in it's nest
Taking flight
Hanging out

Cliff Swallow peering over